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Hors D'Oeuvres & Appetizers

Standard Trays: $4.50/person
*Seafood Trays: $5.50/person


  • *Broiled Scallops wrapped in Bacon

  • *Coconut Shrimp with Raspberry Sauce

  • Potato Skins stuffed with Cheddar and Bacon

  • Wrapped Cocktail Franks

  • Pineapple Chicken Skewers with Sweet & Sour Sauce

  • Petite Quiche

  • *Crab with Broccoli or Spinach

  • Meatballs in BBQ sauce

  • Sweet & Sour Swedish Meatballs

  • Stuffed Mushroom Caps

  • *Hot Crab Dip with Crackers

  • Buffalo Style Wings with celery & blue cheese


  • *Cold Shrimp Tray

  • Assorted Petite Sandwiches

  • Fruit/Cheese/Cracker Tray

  • Deviled Eggs

  • Spinach Dip in Pumpernickel Bread Bowl

  • Pickled Red Beet Eggs

  • Ring Bologna & Cheese Tray

  • Bruschetta

  • Taco Dip with Nacho Chips

  • Petite Fruit Kabobs

  • Cubed Meat & Cheese Tray (3 meat, 2 cheese)

  • Choose from: Salami, ham, pepperoni, lebanon or turkey

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